Adventist Review Anniversary Issues
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Secretaries, associate secretaries, and assistants of the General Conference departments: left to right starting from top: Publishing Department: N Z Town, H H Hall, W W Eastman, J H McEachern. Medical Department: A W Truman, L A Hansen, Kathryn L Jensen. Educational Department: W E Howell, C W Irwin, M E Cady, C A Russell, Mrs Flora H Williams. Sab bath School Department: Mrs L Flora Plummer, J S James, Rosamond D Ginther. missionary Volunteer Department: M E Kern, Meade MacGuire, H T Elliott, Uthal V Wilcox, Harriet Holt. Religious Liberty Department: C S Longacre, W F Martin. Bureau of Home Missions: M N Campbell, J T Boettcher, B P Hoffman, August Anderson, L F Passebois. Home Missionary Department: J A Stevens, E F Peterson, Mrs J W Mace. Negro Department: W H Green. Home Commission: A W Spalding. Press Bureau: W L Burgan, L A Smith


| 1/29/2018