Adventist Review Anniversary Issues
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Secretaries and associate secretaries of General Conference departments: from top row left to right: Publishing Department: C E Weaks, E E Franklin, J J Strahle. Sabbath School Department: J A Stevens, S A Wellman, W K Ising. Educational Department: H A Morrison, W H Teesdale, J E Weaver. Medical Department: H M Walton, M A Hollister, Kathryn L Jensen, I J Woodman. Missionary Volunteer Department: A W Peterson, C L Bond, D A Ochs. North American Negro Department: F L Peterson. Home Commission: A W Spalding. Religious Liberty Department: C S Longacre, H H Votaw. Home Missionary Department: Steen Rasmussen, William Butler, W H Bergherm. Statistical Secretary: H E Rogers. Ministerial Association; I H Evans, L E Froom, Meade MacGuire. Bureau of Home Missions: M N Campbell, F C Gilbert, L Halswick, R Ruhling, H D Casebeer


| 1/29/2018