Adventist Review Anniversary Issues
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The Mission family in Calcutta: front row, seated: Mrs. O. G. Place; Miss Samantha Whiteis; May Taylor (Mrs. Quantock); in front of her: Dorothy Spicer (Mrs. Andrews); Ethel Robinson (Mrs. Chilson); Mrs. D. A. Robinson; in her lap: Mary Robinson, her adopted child; Mrs. W. A. Spicer; in front of her: Will H. Spicer (now M. D.); Mrs. Ellory Robinson and her two children at her left; second row, standing: Ellory Robinson; Kheroda, Native helper; O. G. Place, M. D.; Maggie Green (Mrs. Richardson); Georgia Burrus (Mrs. Burgess); G. P. Edwards; Mrs. G. P. Edwards; back row, standing: a servant, unidentified; D. A. Robinson; Mono Mitter; Kreepananda Biswas; W. A. Spicer; Nyan Mitter


| 1/29/2018