Adventist Review Anniversary Issues
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Left: W. H. Branson, Vice President of the General Conference; Other General Vice Presidents are L. H. Christian and W. G. Turner; Center, standing: W. E. Nelson, Treasurer of the General Conference; his Associates are W. H. Williams, Undertreasurer; H. H. Cobban and J. F. Cummins, Assistant Treasurers; Right: E. D. Dick, Secretary of the General Conference; Associate Secretaries are H. T. Elliott, A. W. Cormack, T. J. Michael; General Field Secretaries are M. L. Andreasen, F. N. Brewer, F. C. Gilbert, Frederick Griggs, M. E. Kern, Meade MacGuire, R. Ruhling


| 1/29/2018