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British Union Conference Executive Committee, October 10, 1974: K. A. Elias, Scottish Mission President; P. H. Stearman, Welsh Mission President; Donald Lowe, South England President; Edwin H. Foster, British Union President; George L. Anniss, British Union Secretary/Treasurer; Byran W. Ball, North England President; Ernest Logan, Irish Mission President; R. D. Vine, Editor; John Prince, Hampstead church elder; W. J. Sanders, Colporteur, Cornwall; Roy E. Graham, Newbold College President; G. Murphy, Bolton church elder; Richard Parr, Wimbledon church elder; Bernard F. Kinman, Temperance Secretary; Kennthe H. Gammon, Stewardship and Lay Activities Secretary; Derek Beardsell, Youth Secretary; Dennis H. Uffindell, Voice of Prophecy Director; W. J. Arthur, Publishing Secretary; Hugh Dunton, Stanborough School Headmaster; Stanely Maxwell, British Advent Missions Secretary; E. A. Pender, The Stanborough Press Manager; Alan Evans, Granose Foods Ltd. Manager; Colin Wilson, Crieff Nursing Home Manager; Dr. L. G. White, who was absent when this picture was taken


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