Adventist Review Anniversary Issues
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Staff of the International Tract Society (ITS) predecessor of The Stanbourough Press Ltd.: Brother Ritchie, Book and Bible House; H. W. Armstrong, father of Worsely Armstrong; Father Bacon, father of Alfred Bacon, Mrs. V. Shone, etc.; W. A. Spicer, eventually General Conference President; Mr. Howarth, father of Mrs. G. W. Baird; Harry Armstrong; Miss Adams; Miss Betty Hurd; W. W. Prescott; E. J. Waggoner, Editor and Author; D. A. Robinson; Mr. Mason; Miss Alta Waggoner, later Mrs. Harry Armstrong; Mr. Pickwick; Miss Nellie Marsh; W.T. Bartlett, Assistant Editor and later Chief Editor; Miss Wright, 17-year-old sister of Dr. Gertrude Brown of Crieff


| 1/29/2018