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Missionaries enroute to Asiatic Division, August 1, 1916. May include (not in order): Mrs C E Weaks, Mr and Mrs W P Barto, Mr and Mrs R J Brines, Mr and Mrs S G Jacques, Mrs C L Blandford, Mr and Mrs C C Morris, E J Urquhart and family, H E Parker and family, Mr and Mrs J G White and niece, Elder and Mrs R C Porter, Elder and Mrs R F Cottrell, Mr and Mrs O B Kuhn and son, Mrs Lyman I Bowers, Mr and Mrs Milton G Conger, Professor and Mrs S L Frost, Miss Jessie Fulton, Mrs J E Fulton, Professor and Mrs H O Swartout, Dr and Mrs J N Andrews, Professor and Mrs O F Sevrens. Others who sailed, Mr and Mrs Irving Steinel, Mr Lyman I Bowers, Mr C L Blandford, Mr and Mrs R D Loveland, R J Brines's baby daughter.


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